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Burning Man: The Dissolution of Normal

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I love Burning Man and I’m able to say that almost all of the time.  I don’t love it as much watching some of the comments I see by Burner’s online, or watching them transition from peaceful, loving desert dwellers to maniacal default world drivers 10 feet outside the gate.  I really can’t say it during Exodus.  However I love Burning Man in the middle of 70 mile an hour winds, I loved it in the rain after a brief meltdown over my obliterated tent was washed away with a double rainbow and a tub of homemade chocolate chip cookies I remembered I had.  I’ve love Burning Man in the well over 100 degree heat and at 34 degrees shivering in my tent all in the same 24 hour period.

Dr. Megavolt

Dr. Megavolt

I love Burners on the playa, amazing creatures who exude love and light and snark all at the same time.  A glorious cacophony of colorful freaks who will give until it hurts, take care of those who sometimes don’t deserve it and teach virgins the ways of the dust.  Burners contain a higher than imaginable number of insane geniuses, spectacular artists, and folks who create and burn in ways I never thought possible nor practicable.  A place and a people who can eat the focus of your life so intently for a week that you blissfully forget the other life you had mere days before.

I’ll seek the dust again this year for perhaps my last time, I’ve spent a number of years on the playa and I’m seeking new adventures, new stimuli, a new collection of freaks to expand my mind.  Seems appropriate as I will turn 50 on the playa this year, my own unofficial theme this year, my playa name is The Dean, will be Deanapocalypse 2014.  You are all invited to the party!

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The thing that I find most amazing about Burning Man however is not the art, the insanity, the relaxation or even the Playa Magic.  No what I love the most is something I call the dissolution of normal.  You see I think one of the problems we all face in the default world is that we have been fed the idea that there is something called normal.  Given that the actual reality of normal is nothing but an artifice of statistics, we all, in so many ways are not normal.  We constantly find ourselves falling above or below the line, not normal and conventional wisdom tells us normal good, not normal freak.  This paints freak in a negative connotation which I refuse to accept, some of us have found ways to embrace our inner and outer freaks even in the default world.  What did this for me was the dissolution of normal.

freak flag

At Burning Man, stop wherever you are, slowly rotate 360 degrees, carefully take in the crowd around you and I promise you, within that view, you are not the biggest freak, never.  Do it every day, five times a day, you will never be the biggest freak and if you are, find me because I want to know you and I’m sure as hell buying.  This realization is incredibly freeing and truly allows you to let your freak flag fly.  This is why I love Burning Man because if you embrace it, merge with it, normal dissolves and the real you can emerge, is accepted by the community and if you’re lucky you can carry the real you back into the default world.

fix a1 bliss

See you in the dust ~ ZDBlue aka The Dean


Today a short and really poignant piece from a wonderful guy I met last year at a workshop in Vermont, today, the words of Jim Cooper, enjoy. ~ ZD Blue

Photo by Rich Krissel

The Beauty of Alzheimer’s

By Jim Cooper

Perhaps the wooden desk still thinks
Of itself as a tree,
Doesn’t recognize my touch as I write,
Rather believes me to be
The boy who swung from its limbs.

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June Poetry – Day 14 Me and Bukowski

So today, I’ve decided to come back to Bukowski and include an arrogant little piece of my own.  I say it is arrogant because together it is one piece an original work by Bukowski that I decided to add to, so enjoy it, or curse it for its arrogance but it is below.  My addition is in italics.  Additionally I’m posting a picture I shot at Bukowski’s grave.


Bukowski's Grave

My Arrogance to finish his words for Her                                             12/12/06
have we come to this?  ~ Charles Bukowski

Lord, boys,
it’s been a long time since we
sang a happy tune
from deep in our lungs.
somehow we’ve allowed them
to shut off our air, our water, our
electricity, our joy.
we’ve become like them: stilted, exact
secretly bitter, smitten by
what’s small.
Lord, boys,
we’ve not been kind enough to hippies and
harpies, to sots and slatterns,
to our brothers and

Lord, boys,
where has the heroic self

it’s gone into hiding, a scattered cat
in a hailstorm!
have we come to this?
have we really come to this?
as I open my mouth
to sing
a happy tune from
deep in the lungs
a black fly
circles and swoops

Lord! boys
Have we come to this
scribbling lines in a dead man’s tome
Hiding words you’ll hope she finds
secret lines for no one’s eyes.
as I write
to share
my words

Deep in my soul
A vulture circles
but coming close
passes on my bones

Lord have we come to this?

I’ve decided that June is poetry month, I’m accepting submissions and will post 30 original poems, one each day in June.  At the end of the month I will select 3 poets and publish 3-5 more pieces of their best work.  I’ll decide who earns the extra attention based on reader feedback and number of hits for each piece throughout the month. 

So I’m inviting poets, old and young, unpublished or published, give me your best and I’ll give it to the world to read and you keep all the rights.  This is your chance to let the world hear your voice.  Submit all works to