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Fun Friday Halloween Edition


So a range of things for your Friday today, some interesting, some amusing, some terrifying, enjoy ~ ZD Blue


halloween horror


A true freaky Halloween story, how do I know it’s true, I witnessed it.


The twenty-five scariest science fiction and fantasy episodes of all-time.


Twenty scariest movies of all-time, I’ve seen them all this is a great list.


The fifty scariest books of all-time.


Twelve scary two sentence stories.


Haunting stories.




A little pinterest madness today, links to crazy pinterest pages


sink pinterest


Bizarre pages


Mannequin Madness


Crazy shit pinterest page


Some weird but funny pinterest pages



Fun Friday: The madness of Flula

This dude Flula is totally nuts, maybe just weird, maybe just stoned, maybe just a genius:


Jennifer is a Party Pooper 

Granny Smith, you are a fake 

Kicking ass and taking names

The proof is in the pudding 

Balls to the wall 

Fun Friday: The beauty and power of nature

Unbelievable fog coming over a mountain

tornado lightning

tornado lightning

weather 2

weather 3

Japanese quake and tsunami images

Migration on the Serengeti

lava fall

lava fall



Fun Friday: Burning Man Videos

So it’s that time of year again, the DPW and others are laying in the infrastructure, porta potties are being delivered to the middle of nowhere and soon 60,000+ people will be going home.  That’s right it’s time for Burning Man, so some videos to get you in the mood.


fix my grn penis 2

Even the Irish attend Burning Man


This is my favorite Burning Man video, a 5 week time lapse look at the Playa.

Very cool idea a hula-hoop meets a video camera they merge, warning this video is full of gorgeous women, burner girls are the best.

From 2011 a Great Fireworks show by the Flaming Lotus Girls

An obligatory video of the burning of the man

Temple Burn 2011

Finally, totally tired of it but it’s very well done and very cool, Oh the places you’ll go




Fun Friday: Random Shit

For the twisted Star Wars fans, the Uncle Owen figurine:Star Wars

For the Muppet fans:


For the teachers out there:


Hate when this happens:


Crayons are getting complicated:

crayons pc

Welcome friends to links to some good jokes, hey we all need to laugh

First, a visual joke from the Great Canadian Joke Book, great site:

joke missile

Run Forest Run!

The directions are awesome:

1.  Tie these balloons to your vehicle with fishing line

2.  Drive really fast

3.  Laugh at people freaking out

4.  Tell the officer you thought they were real


The Best 1000 jokes, well, but there are definitely some good ones, and some old standards, generally clean jokes.

This is a great site and you can pick whatever category you want the jokes in clean, dirty, animal for you especially cheeky bastards  Uni Jokes

Here are 15 jokes for kids.

And on the other end of the scale a collection of dirty jokes.

Finally a great site for clean jokes, The Oatmeal has an awesome collection of humor, enjoy!