The curse of Lane Kiffin: endgame?

Posted: September 29, 2013 in General Stupidity
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The curse of Lane Kiffin: endgame?

The smokin hot Mrs. Kiffin

The smokin hot Mrs. Kiffin


So almost three years ago I wrote the original post, The Curse of Lane Kiffin Lands on USC.  Today it finally came to its absolute fruition.  Lane Kiffin really signifies everything that is wrong with big time college football.  He’s someone who seems to be willing to do just about anything to recruit talent and win.  While at the University of Tennessee Kiffin racked up both a 5 star recruiting class and over a dozen recruiting violations.  He obviously doesn’t care about the rules in either recruiting or on game day.  He’s had a back-up quarterback switch jerseys with a punter in mid-game, a “rogue” student manager deflated balls when USC was on defense one game, basically the whole idea of any Kiffin regime is win at any costs, no matter how blatant or stupid.

Now, I’m not naive, I’ll go out on not much of a limb and say that every major college football program cheats.  Whether it is by slutty hostesses, illegal cash, rewards for good play, no-show jobs, “homework assistance”, special classes or unbelievably good used car deals.  A lot of what happens can be laid squarely on the shoulders of so-called “friends of the program,” however I have never believed the head coaches who claim to have had no idea it was happening.  The blame goes all the way around, the students know it’s wrong, the parents of students know it’s wrong as do the college administrators.    However the fans, the alumni and the donors all want to see winning football seasons, it has become a twisted culture of win at all costs.  The fact is most programs are really good at getting away with it, but they all get caught and penalized from time to time.  In a piece on NCAA violations, called the NCAA’s dirtiest programs, the article lists over 30 programs that have had 5 major violations or more with some schools having had 7 major violations including USC.

Lane Kiffin’s problem is that he is not nearly a good as coach as his defensive genius dad, although he’s living on his rep as a coach.  Lane cheats like everyone else it just seems that he isn’t smart enough to pull it off.  The real indictment of major NCAA football though is that he will likely be on the sidelines of another major program again just in time to put to work his “fabulous” recruiting skills and bring shame to another school, just like he did at Tennessee and USC.  I’ll finish this piece the same way as the last, at least Lane, you still have that “hot wife” for now.

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