Fun Friday: Burning Man Videos

Posted: August 9, 2013 in Burning man, Friday Fun
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Fun Friday: Burning Man Videos

So it’s that time of year again, the DPW and others are laying in the infrastructure, porta potties are being delivered to the middle of nowhere and soon 60,000+ people will be going home.  That’s right it’s time for Burning Man, so some videos to get you in the mood.


fix my grn penis 2

Even the Irish attend Burning Man


This is my favorite Burning Man video, a 5 week time lapse look at the Playa.

Very cool idea a hula-hoop meets a video camera they merge, warning this video is full of gorgeous women, burner girls are the best.

From 2011 a Great Fireworks show by the Flaming Lotus Girls

An obligatory video of the burning of the man

Temple Burn 2011

Finally, totally tired of it but it’s very well done and very cool, Oh the places you’ll go





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