Fun Friday: Great Pranks

Posted: July 12, 2013 in Uncategorized

Fun Friday: Great Pranks

A repeat from last weeks Fun Friday: Great Jokes to start out but then below a collection to of great pranks

joke missile

Run Forest Run!

The directions are awesome:

1.  Tie these balloons to your vehicle with fishing line

2.  Drive really fast

3.  Laugh at people freaking out

4.  Tell the officer you thought they were real

Mayonnaise pudding Switch one of my absolute favorites I want to do this on a bus with a plastic squeeze jar of mayo.

A huge list of pranks to play on friends, office mates, etc….

An ice cup prank.

Mentos and Soda time bomb.

Christmas present prank.

Finally if you pull any of these pranks, you are a GIANT ASSHOLE!


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