Why the revolution is coming, or is it?

Posted: July 10, 2013 in political stupidity
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Why the revolution is coming, or is it?

We have two American flags always: one for the rich and one for the poor. When the rich fly it means that things are under control; when the poor fly it means danger, revolution, anarchy. ~ Henry Miller



The idea I’m about to write about is not a new one to me; I’ve felt the world around me breaking down my entire life.  Entropy seems to be the defining principle of my life; perhaps it is why I have always been so comfortable with chaos.  The inspiration for writing tonight was the watching of Gasland: Part II.  Quite frankly at this moment I’m both angry and sad for my country, more specifically for the people of my country.  We are being bought and sold friends, the rules that exist in our government particularly how the boundaries of congressional districts are drawn has driven our country’s elections to be landslides.  What you say?  Our presidential races are to the wire, America is split down the middle, perhaps it is, yet most congressional elections in 2012 were not close.

You see the re-election party in both states, because face it there is little difference in action between the Republicans and Democrats, gerrymander their districts to ensure as little competition as possible occurs in each congressional district.  This creates a situation where the real election battle for candidates is not against opposing parties, but in the primary to be the party nominee.  In primaries, unlike general elections where being more moderate is more successful, the path to success is to move further to the right or left to fire up your base and get the nomination.  Then, because the district has been gerrymandered, the general election in that district is basically a foregone conclusion for the party for which the district has been constructed.  So we end up sending to the congress more and more Republicans who are far to the right and Democrats who are far to the left, people who know their key to re-election is staying radically to the fringe.  So we get no compromise in congress, the only common interest these bastards share are the ones that are paid for by the corporations who effectively buy enough votes on both sides of the aisle to get what they want passed through congress.  Here’s a link to just one small example to show how the prison industry is influencing immigration reform and detentions.

You see corporations don’t give a flying fuck about us, except when they are selling you something.  They poison the environment and the tax payers pay for clean up, they rig the banking system and tax payers bail them out, the poison the Gulf of Mexico with spilled oil and it will be the residents of the gulf who will suffer for years.  The list goes on and on and on….  People don’t seem to notice, that is until the corporations take over their water supply like they did in Bolivia.

Why the revolution isn’t coming.  People suck, they are lazy, as long as they have enough to eat, their cable TV and other distractions they will sit in their overstuffed lounge chair, get diabetes and die.  A sad but true statement, or is it?

Why the revolution is coming.  Like in the Bolvian water riots, and the environmental movement of the 70’s, and the civil rights movement of the 60’s the people have a breaking point.  The really tricky thing is that no one knows, not even the people, what that breaking point is, which story, which image will mobilize the masses and once mobilized what will trigger violence and revolution.  Who would have thought that an injustice visited upon a Tunisian street trader would lead to him setting himself on fire and that would then start the Arab Spring.

So government beware, corporations beware, the breaking point may be much closer than you realize.

  1. Martin says:

    Nice speech my friend. I couldn’t be more agree. Greeting from Chile

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