Fun Friday: Totally Fun Food

Posted: March 1, 2013 in Friday Fun
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Fun Friday: Totally Fun Food


A bunch of fun Easter food and my favorite Christmas item I mean hey why leave Santa out. ~ ZD Blue


Bunny Bread for Easter


Here’s a link to a blog about how to make bunny rolls


and a Youtube video instruction


And here is a bunny loaf


bunny bread


Filled Carrot Crescent Rolls


Personally ham salad makes more sense to me but whatever you like


carrot crescents


Chicken Egg Family


This is awesome – a Chicken Egg Family


chicken egg family


Chicken Heart Skewers


For those of you more talented in the kitchen, chicken heart skewers




Strawberry Santa’s for Christmas


Ok this guys cooking show is nuts, 3 minute video

I’ve done these so a few tips, first use frosting instead of cream, pare out the strawberry a bit so you can fill them more and finally little chocolate sprinkles make great eyes.  Also, if you don’t have fancy equipment (pastry bag) put the cream or frosting in a Ziploc and clip a small edge off the corner.


strawberry santas


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