Let’s recall the current Miss America

Posted: January 21, 2013 in Celebrities, political stupidity
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Let’s recall the current Miss America

Apparently it wasn't too cold on stage!!

Apparently it wasn’t too cold on stage!!


The current Miss AMERICA, Molly Hagan recently told newspapers that she’s probably going to decline on attending the inauguration of the President of the United States of AMERICA because it will be too cold.   The really amazing thing here is that she’s Miss New York, you know that tropical zone where in winter it is so much warmer than it is in Washington, DC.  Oh wait, that’s right, no it’s not!!!!  The temperatures are expected to be cold, in the 30’s a pretty typical temperature for New York this time of year.

What I want to know is where are all of my conservative friends on this issue?  Why isn’t Fox News screaming from the high heavens about Miss AMERICA not willing to attend the inauguration because it will be cold out?  I wonder, were this a Republican administration would they all be so quiet or would she be branded a liberal socialist?  No matter what your political persuasion, how is this anything but insulting and quite frankly un-American.  Don’t get me wrong, she’s a beauty queen, few of the former Miss Americas have been all that impressive, but come on, your title is Miss America, what else don’t we know about her, does Miss New York not like cheesecake, bagels, pizza?  Seriously, if she doesn’t like pizza her and I are going to have a serious problem.

Ok, so before one of you knuckle-heads chimes in with, but she grew up in Alabama let me warn you against that argument.  You see we might draw another conclusion about her reasons should we start exploring her Alabama roots, but then again, suggesting she might be racist, WOULD actually bring out the ire of all of my conservative friends and FOX News would be all over that idea.

Miss AMERICA, go to the damn inauguration and post a picture of you eating a slice!


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