Fun Friday: Fun Science

Posted: January 18, 2013 in Friday Fun, General Stupidity
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Fun Friday: Fun Science

Today we focus on fun science, and we go from interesting video’s to the truly insane.  Don’t we all have a friend who caused a large explosion in their own house on Thanksgiving and burned off their eyebrows?  Today’s Fun Friday dedicated to my friend Keith.  And as such let me just say I’m posting these videos for entertainment purposes only an idiot would do this stuff at home and would probably earn a Darwin Award in the process, you’ve been warned.

First a video a roundup of the highlights from 2012 for NPRs Science Friday

Also from Science Friday some cool time lapse photography

A set of odd and bizarre science facts

Theo Gray has just become my new favorite scientists, 7 experiments from his book Theo Gray’s Mad Science:  Experiments you can do at home but probably shouldn’t;

Even more deranged science experiments

Finally, build your own parabolic solar death ray, some videos


My favorite one

How to

Where to buy what you are seeing


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