Why we should let Texas Secede

Posted: December 6, 2012 in General Stupidity
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Why we should let Texas Secede

So in case you haven’t heard there have been over 100,000 people who have signed a petition in Texas asking to secede from the United States of America.  http://www.hilltopviewsonline.com/viewpoints/article_4309f016-3b10-11e2-800d-001a4bcf6878.html


Photo courtesy of TransGriot

I realize at one point we did in fact fight a war in order to keep the union together, this of course is viewed by secessionists then and now as the federal government overextending its authority and trampling on state’s rights.  Never mind that the only right they were really concerned with in the 19th century was keeping slavery legal to fuel a faulty economic system.

During this time I think however that if Texas would like to leave the United States maybe we should let them, however we all know that nothing is for free.  So let’s be clear, there will be a set of conditions that Texas should have to meet before it can leave the union.

1.  Texas has to pony up their share of the US debt equivalent to the remaining population in Texas after secession.

2.  Anyone wanting to enter or leave Texas pre-secession will be allowed to, however after secession anyone remaining in Texas will have to apply for a visa to re-enter the United States and will have forfeited their US Citizenship.

3.  All US military, US Border Patrol and other federal agency assets will be removed prior to secession.  Any physical assets such as buildings will be paid for at the equivalent of 75% of fair market value to the US government by Texas.

4.  Texas will not be part of NAFTA unless it negotiates with all partner nations for access.

5.  The United States retains all natural resource rights in our sovereign waters to fully include the Gulf of Mexico, outside of the 12 mile limit.

6.  No trade will be allowed with Texas until Texas negotiates the appropriate trade treaties and tariff agreements with the United States.

7.  All illegal aliens crossing the border from Texas will be deported back to Texas and the state of Texas will be billed for immigration services since Texas will have voluntarily left the US.

Finally, I’ve always been a fan of even numbers and so hell, once we lose Texas let’s add Puerto Rico, we need more resort locations in the United States and besides, they actually want to be a state.


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