30 Days of Burning Man – Day 26, Live on the Playa

Posted: August 22, 2012 in Burning man
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30 Days of Burning Man – Day 26, Live on the Playa

This year there is a possibility that there will be a much higher percentage of newbies heading to the desert so I thought I’d spend the 30 days before the gates open throwing out some information, some images and a little bit of wisdom, advice and snark about the place I love so much. These posts will be generally directed at Burning Man virgins but hopefully some of you old dogs out there will contribute through comments or get some enjoyment out of them as well. So here we go.  .  I’ll include at least one photo from Burning Man each day and once a week I’ll do nothing but photos.  I hope the posts are sometimes helpful and also enjoyable, enjoy ~ ZD Blue

The day the gate opens approaches and some of you who have decided not to go may be lamenting your decision.  Some of you will never go but are curious as hell as to what it’s really like on the Playa, and some unfortunately will have sudden changes in your life that will prevent you from going.  So tonight some links to help you experience what the Playa is like even if you can’t be there.

Radio BMIR/Shouting Fire – live radio from the Playa assuming all goes well

Live Playa webcast from the BMORG

An additional link to the same site

 If anyone knows of any other live broadcasts this year please post in the comments, thanks ~ ZD Blue


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