July Poetry, Day 26 – Am I to be tested by fire?

Posted: July 26, 2012 in photography, poetry
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Tonight, perhaps my favorite piece of the month, there is so much power in Mary Havran’s words, enjoy.

photo by ZD Blue

Am I to be tested by fire?

By Mary Havran

Am I to be tested by fire?
Tempered, as steel, to forge the keener blade
Can I possibly survive?
Emerge from the flame

Is such searing necessary?
Must all that I am (or thought I was)
Be melted to the core
And poured out

Am I to be totally recast?
Refashioned at the anvil by heavy handed blows
So unyielding that I require
This violent a process

I would choose a milder makeover
The gentler touch
Of potter to the clay
The subtle training
Of gardener to the vine

Is the smithy to be my only master?
If this is the form of refashioning I truly require
Then I shall try to endure

Shall I be made more worthy?
I ask only that the process leave me bettered
By whatever bellows and blows
Keener blade
Finer mettle
Tested by the Fire


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