Six movies you’ve never heard…

Posted: July 16, 2012 in movies
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We all hear about the blockbusters and happily now that indie films have become popular we also get to hear about the indie films that win awards or get picked up for wider distribution.  However every year there are films that come out that we don’t hear about that are actually quite good.  Typically we stumble across these films on the odd rainy Sunday afternoon or a late night when we can’t sleep.  So hear are five films, most you will not have heard of or seen, but give them a look sometime.  I think you’ll like them particularly if you liked films like Memento or The Usual Suspects, so here are six I can vouch for and one that is out right now that looks absolutely magnificent.

Cube (1997)  – A little bit science fiction, a little bit horror film, a lot bit fantastic.  And even though she annoyed the hell at of me in the Star Trek series Nicole De Boer is amazing in this film.  They did a sequel to this one called Hypercube, and it was almost as good but has to lose points since the idea was no longer original.

Persepolis (2007) – I just recently saw this film and it is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen.  It touches upon a young girl coming of age, the feelings that we all have about not fitting in, and it’s a solid historical account of the political realities of the country of Iran.  Personally, I think this film should be compulsory for every adult in America given the current realities of the world.

The Possession of David O’Reilly (2010) – The weakest of the films listed here but one that you will cause you to convince yourself you know exactly what’s happening at least 4 different times.  Some typical horror film elements and I started out while watching it thinking I’d probably shut it off at some point, but never did.

Exam (2009) – Eight candidates sit down for an exam that will qualify them to be hired for the corporation.  From then on the film feels a lot like The Cube, but seriously intense and thought-provoking.

Nomads (1986) – The best Pierce Brosnan movie you’ve never heard of, no critical acclaim, no big box office, just a totally freaky, kick-ass, crazy horror movie.

Unknown (2006) – NO, this is NOT, the Liam Neeson big budget mystery that came out two years ago.  This is a Jim Caviezel, Greg Kinnear and Bridget Moynahan movie, five guys wake up in a warehouse, it’s obvious something horrible has gone down but no one has any memory, killer mystery in the same vein as Memento.

Beasts of the Southern Wild (2012) – This film hasn’t arrived in my town yet but I can’t wait.  If nothing else this film seems to have one of the greatest performances in history by a 6-year-old.  Seems like a crazy little film with a solid story.


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