July Poetry, Day 15 – A bit of Ireland

Posted: July 15, 2012 in photography, poetry
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Today a poem from a reader, Patrick Graven was kind enough to share this piece for your reading pleasure and since Patrick is from Ireland a photo from the emerald isle. ~ ZD Blue

Photo by ZD Blue

by Patrick Graven 

Looking back to those days in the past,

At the times and feelings that just didn’t last,

Now It’s time to move forward as life moves fast,

For I have found you in a meaningful friendship so vast,

~In Your Heart~

There is a wave, a change in your eyes,
From dusk till dawn, the seasons in the skies,
Can’t you hear the cold silence in the night,
A longing call that you will hope to find,

For the times you stare into the pure open blue,
You say to yourself, “If only they really knew”,
A path that you’ll make of what is so true,
For the beauty is the mirror inside of you,

The feeling of passion that strengthens you to run,
You know that something special has just begun,
The hope inside of you when you glare into the sun,
The hope for two lonely hearts out there to become one,

What you give to me is a beautiful art,
A creative beauty that is beginning to start,
For we are not far nor poles apart,
As i am within, always in your heart.


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