July Poetry, Day 12 – Dante Ocariz

Posted: July 12, 2012 in photography, poetry
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Tonight we take a little walk on the wildside and get into to the outlaw poetry world with a piece that’s right in your face by Dante Ocariz and a photo by and of yours truly ZD Blue from the Khumbu Valley of the Himalayas, enjoy! ~ ZD Blue

Photo by Z Deacon Blue

I hate to tell you but…

Dante Ocariz

Help is not coming.
You were sold a great line of soap.
And you still can’t afford the water or the gas.

You’re now sharing the front page
with a flu pandemic
and the face masks have made the general population
easier on the eyes.

the groceries have gone bad

the bullet
was really meant for you.

And if you survive this next round of lay-offs
the pay cut will be such
that the only sushi you can afford will be canned tuna
served over a soiled maxi pad.

One thing I learned from all those wasted days in porno arcades:
There are really only
two types of people in the world.
Those who take it in the ass
and those who take it on the face.
But in the end
they all must finish
with a smile.


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