Sick of TV lies

Posted: June 16, 2012 in General Stupidity
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Sure we could go to the political bullshit that flies through the air on a daily basis from Fox News and MSNBC but I’d rather talk about the less obvious but still ubiquitous lies that fly around.  There is of course the second level of political bullshit that is put out by groups like the front name for the coal industry’s marketing arm.  You know these are the folks who try to convince us daily that coal is pretty much innocuous to the environment and accuses the Environment Protection Agency of being against the best interest of America by trying to keep them from polluting the hell out of us.  I’m not sure whether it’s the coal or oil industry’s ads that make me want to vomit more.

The reason they run these type of ads is simple, they think we are all stupid, we saw it on TV, it must be true!  I wish that their premise was more incorrect than it is.

However, I think the most annoying ad ever is the current Citi London Olympics commercial you see this commercial starting airing weeks ago, it shows a town in rural America pitching together and using their Citi credit card points to set up a big town square festival and viewing of the London 2012 Olympics and then shows them cheering on American athletes.  There is only one small problem with this commercial THE LONDON OLYMPICS DO NOT START UNTIL JULY 27TH!!!!

It seems that truth doesn’t mean anything anymore on TV, during the time I was writing this post I’ve seen commercials for two different movies both claiming to be the best reviewed movie of the Summer, geesh.


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