Snow White and the Huntsman

Posted: June 15, 2012 in Celebrities, movies
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One of the best measures of the enjoyability of a movie is how quickly the time goes by, two-hours disappeared in the blink of an eye.  Not once did I catch myself not engrossed in what was happening on-screen.  The mark of a good movie is the quality of the story, direction and level of detail.  Snow White scores on this front as well, a familiar tale with some minor twists enough to make it interesting but not so much as to offend the spirit of the original.  The direction was excellent and made especially good use of the beauty of the talent, long lingering looks of Kristen Stewart and especially Charlize Theron who may be the most beautiful woman alive.  But what caught my attention were the little details, one example, Snow White has been dirty, very dirty and her hand is silhouetted against a white background, in most films the nails would be immaculate, but here they are appropriately dirty, that attention to detail is important in good film-making.

The use of digital effects in this film is simply spectacular but not overplayed and there is just enough action, horror, beauty and fantasy to make this a damn near perfect fairytale and a great summer movie.

About the one controversy around this film, the use of full-sized actors to pay dwarves and then digitally shrunk.  I understand, the opportunity to get an actor like Bob Hoskins is wonderful, but damn it, I’m a fan of little people and I think the film missed the mark on this one.  You need look no further than the work on Game of Thrones by Peter Dinklage to understand that real dwarf actors would have been the way to go.


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