Why Fox News and conservatives think women are stupid and lazy

Posted: April 26, 2012 in General Stupidity
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The logic of conservatives forces them to think women are less intelligent and lazier than men

Recently a piece in CNN by Nina Easton of Fortune magazine puts forward all too common refrain of conservatives and their network Fox News.  This is the idea that people who are upset about the wealth gap in America and the greed of the 1% are just jealous, whiney, losers.  You see from their perspective, the reason people are rich is that they are smarter and better than the rest of us and just plain work harder.  You see to conservatives the idea that they are not better than others and morally superior is unfathomable.  There is no luck involved, where you start out in life is irrelevant, they can’t conceive that America might actually be a country that does more to support and maintain the wealthy than to support the basic living standards of the poor or provide opportunities to the poor and middle class.

See considering that America might not be the most perfect nation ever created or conceived of violates another core conservative principle, that of American Exceptionalism.  You see according to conservatives there is something uniquely and inherently special about the United States of America.  This is fact is actually code for America is God’s chosen nation and that of course would be a Christian Protestant God.

However, these underlying principles of conservatism deny many very real facts about America.  I think the biggest one involves healthcare.  If America as conservatives claim has the greatest medical system on earth, if Americans are so special, than why do we have such a horrible infant mortality rate in this country?  We have the 28th lowest infant mortality rate and that is behind countries like:  South Korea, France, Japan, the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom and even Cuba.  That’s right the United States ranks behind, non-Christian countries, socialist leaning countries, countries with socialized medicine and even communist Cuba.

Back to Nina Easton’s article, if the reason the rich make more money than the rest of us is that they are smarter and work harder, how do conservatives explain that women make 77% of what men make?  Well, let’s use typical conservative logic, since you make more if you work harder and are smarter, I guess that conservatives must believe that compared to men, women are lazy and less intelligent.  Can’t imagine why the GOP struggles to get a majority of the women’s vote.


  1. Jackie says:

    This country is exceptional. Too bad you think otherwise. America is a Judeo-Christian nation. And Gods chosen nation is Israel.

    And the problem isn’t America’s health care. The problem is that America measures infant mortality differently than other countries.

    Major problems with infant mortality statistics have been pointed out by others in the past and include differences in data definition and common health-care practices. For instance, American medical practice more commonly resuscitates tiny premature and nonviable-birth babies; these babies later die but are treated as “live births” in U.S. statistics. Countries such as France and Japan are likely to classify such babies as stillborn and they aren’t counted.

    Americans pay more in taxes than food shelter and clothing combined!

    Obama has divided this nation. He has divided by class, religion, race, gender, income, politics, insurance, energy, careers, what cars we drive and where we live. What is left for him to tear apart?

    • zdeaconblue says:

      Thanks for the comment Jackie, I think the problem is some people think we are the only exceptional country and are exceptional in everything which clearly we are not. Why is it so wrong to consider America just a country, exceptional in some ways, not so good in others, how is it possible that any country is exceptional in everything, that’s overly simplistic mythology. I have to admit to being tired of both sides of the aisle claiming the other is dividing this nation, the fact is both sides do it because our politicians are only interested in one thing, getting re-elected.

  2. I am increasingly unwilling to grant Fox news, its workers, and its fans the dignity of the label, ‘conservative.’ They are bigots, and their politics amounts to nothing less than bigotry. If and when they want to grow up, then perhaps some of these people can think about taking on more dignified political labels.

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