I want to fight William Shatner

“I want to fight William Shatner” is one of my favorite lines from the movie Fight Club and I think shows how unbelievably iconic William Shatner has become in our culture.  Some of my first television memories are of sitting on the couch in my family’s living room watching Star Trek.  Perhaps for that reason, or because of his mannerisms William Shatner has always reminded me of my father.  Throughout my life William Shatner has been a fixture in my television life, first as Captain Kirk, then as I became fascinated with the Twilight Zone, he appeared in one of my absolute favorite episodes, Nightmare at 20,000 feet.  Once I was in high school Shatner spent time occasionally obstructing the view of Heather Locklear on TJ Hooker.  He re-emerged as the Star Trek franchise took off through movies and new series and of course in guest appearances on damn near everything on television.  He showed up in one of his funniest roles as the Big Giant Head on Third Rock from the Sun.  He also earned critical acclaim for roles on The Practice and Boston Legal.

Not only an actor, William Shatner also took on the music industry and has produced some of the most unforgettable renditions of classic tunes including Mr. Tambourine Man or his spoken word version of Rocket Man.

As he’s gotten older Shatner has become incredibly interesting to me and has definitely become someone I’d like to sit down and have a beer with sometime.  He has a farm in Kentucky and raises horses and seems to have reached a really calm and comfortable place in his life.  One of the most amazing things to me is the fact that he’s 81 years old and is still actively working.

The most amazing work Shatner has ever done in my opinion is his interview show, Shatner’s Raw Nerve.  I wrote a piece on the Raw Nerve a while back and if you get the opportunity to see it, check it out it’s really an amazing show, hell he made Tony Danza interesting.

So yes, if I could fight any celebrity, I would fight William Shatner or maybe we’d just get a beer and chat.

  1. kleeyaro says:

    It’s so awesome that William Shatner is still going strong at 81. Best of luck to you if you ever get to fight him. He just may win! :o)

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