The Amazing Ashley Judd

Posted: March 24, 2012 in Celebrities
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The Amazing Ashley Judd

I met Ashley Judd in Lexington over 20 years ago, she was an undergrad at UK and I was a graduate student at Eastern Kentucky University.  Of course at the time she wasn’t the actress Ashley Judd, she was just this really beautiful and interesting girl named Ashley.  We talked briefly, I no longer even remember the topic but remember being surprised and impressed and frankly would have probably even forgot the conversation ever happened were it not for the fact that I had some nerdy friends in law school.  You see we would convene every Saturday night at my apartment to watch Star Trek the Next Generation and one night there was an actress in an episode, a guest star that when I saw her I immediately said, “I know her.”  My friends of course laughed at me and told me I was nuts and it took some time for me to remember the meeting and I told them I was pretty sure I knew her from Kentucky.  These for those of you who are a bit younger, were the infant days of the internet, there was no quick Google search to find anything out. 

I taped, yes taped, each episode and so I paused the tape during the credits and found out her name, Ashley Judd.  It didn’t take long, she did another appearance on Star Trek, within a couple of years she’d done Ruby in Paradise and given the fame her sister and mother already possessed, Ashley soon become a solid fixture in American pop culture.  And I will admit, solidified my distant crush on her, she’s absolutely one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood and much more than her physical beauty, she’s always exuded intelligence, confidence and strength.  What can I say I’ve always been a sucker for strong, confident, beautiful women and Ashley is certainly all of that and more.

I would get to meet her briefly again around the year 2000, I was a graduate student at the University of Tennessee and Ashley is a diehard UK Basketball fan.  Tennessee was finally a competitive team and given Ashley’s connections to both UK and Tennessee she occasionally attended UK/UTK games in Knoxville.  At one game I noticed people were going down to the edge of the floor and asking for autographs at game breaks.  She was sitting on the floor but was being very gracious and signing away for fans.  I walked over and came down at one of the breaks and she turned to sign, looked a bit confused, I smiled and said,” just wanted to say hi.”  She laughed, said, “hello” and then the game started and I went back to my seat.  What struck me in that brief encounter, was that she was generally kind to me and other fans who were approaching her, she seemed appreciative of the attention and most importantly she seemed genuine, a rarity amongst Hollywood stars.

She has obviously become a massive international start, has married a famous Indy Car racing star and what a lot of folks may not know is how much she works for social justice issues.  Her work focuses on women’s issues and she has done a lot of work on behalf of Appalachia as well.  She remains a fixture in Hollywood and now even on the small screen with her new TV series Missing.  So a little tribute to one of the most interesting women in Hollywood, my second piece, I wrote about Tilda Swinton in my first piece and like Tilda, Ashley is someone I would love to sit down with and have a drink sometime and talk about life.  So Ashley, take this as an open invitation, heck I’d even be willing to meet you and Tilda together in say Inverness for dinner.

One last thing, although there are tons of images of Ashley by far my favorite is the one she did for the UK Club Hockey Teams’ poster and here it is.


  1. Anonymous says:

    she was also in a movie made from one of james patterson’s books great actress & i like her new show

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