Anti-hunting advocates are off the rails

Posted: March 12, 2012 in political stupidity
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Anti-hunting advocates are off the rails

I get really sick of the anti-hunting rhetoric that passes as normal these days.  People seem to be quickly willing to denigrate hunting and hunters.  Many times these folks are vegetarian or vegan and often animal rights activists who are opposed to the idea of killing animals.  This position gets quickly under my skin because first off fishing (which I also support) seems to me to be much more horrible way to harvest an animal.  Catch and release programs are perhaps the worst of all from a moral stand-point.  Take an animal, hook it through its mouth, drag it through the water to exhaustion, pull it out of water til it is nearly suffocated then let it go.  By comparison hunting, NOT sport hunting, does not allow for this type of activity, you either kill an animal or you don’t.   To be clear I’m not in favor of sport hunting, you should only kill animals you plan to eat.

Secondly, animals and animal products are a fully integrated part of our existence and although I respect their right to attempt to not use animals in any way, I believe they have to also respect other people’s rights to use animals.  I do agree that animals should be used for food and products, not simply killed for sport.  I’m also in favor of treating animals with compassion, not humanely, as the root of that word implies we should treat animals as human beings, personally I can’t go there, that’s how we end up with people giving their dogs face lifts

The anti-hunting attitude has reduced hunting levels in the United States, correspondingly deer populations have exploded to the point of a really beautiful  animal becoming a pest animal.  They are hell on gardens, landscaping and worse they have become an extremely dangerous traffic risk in some parts of the country.  I personally hit three deer with my car when I lived in upstate New York and it can be a truly terrifying experience, not to mention a deadly one for humans and deer.

Recently what has gotten under my skin is the fury over a California official legally hunting and killing a mountain lion in Washington State.  He is being attacked because hunting mountain lions in California is illegal.  So effectively a man is being questioned for undertaking a legal act in another state.  This is beyond ridiculous and just shows how far off the rails anti-hunting folks have gotten.




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