Fox News lies too much for Canada

Posted: March 3, 2012 in evil corporations, political stupidity
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Fox News lies too much for Canada

I was sitting yesterday at a conference listening to a speaker and was surprised to hear her assert that given Canadian law Fox News can’t broadcast from Canada.  Why?  Because they tell too many lies.  So I set out today to explore this issue a little bit and really was shocked to find out, she was telling the truth.  According to the Huffington Post, there is a push in Canada by the conservative minded Prime Minister to repeal a provision in the Canadian Broadcasting regulations that ban networks or shows that broadcast any false or misleading news.

It is this law that has kept Fox News from being able to broadcast from Canada, this doesn’t prevent Fox News from beaming a signal into Canada, but they can’t broadcast within Canada.  For all of those people who believe Fox News is fair and balanced guess again, not so fair, not so balanced, not so honest  and not broadcasting from Florida because of it.  Spin that O’Reilly!

  1. johnnydollar says:

    OH and another thing. Fox News ‘beaming a signal into Canada’? Do you have the slightest idea what you’re talking about? Fox News is a cable channel. It’s distributed on cable and satellite systems. It doesn’t ‘beam’ signals anywhere because it’s not an over-the-air channel. Over-the-air channels are local. There is no such thing as a national news channel that ‘beams signals’ anywhere because all national news channels are cable channels, and always have been.

    Please read the link above to see just how many things you (and your anonymous speaker who misinformed you) got wrong.

    • zdeaconblue says:

      Thanks for the comment, just to clarify one point I’m pretty sure satellite signals are beamed, quite aware of the fact that Fox is a cable channel, unless of course the all mighty Fox is now stringing cables from satellites.

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