Conservative Hypocrites support Sharia Law

Posted: February 10, 2012 in General Stupidity, political stupidity
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Conservative Hypocrites support Sharia Law

Conservatives in America are always screaming about how they are trying to stop the Obama administration from allowing Muslims to institute Shariah Law in the United States.  They claim it would be wrong to impose Islamic religious laws on the citizens of a secular nation.  However these very same conservatives are willing to support religious law as long as it’s their religion being imposed on everyone else.  They are willing to impose their religious views no matter how bigoted they are in regards to preventing gay marriage or the use of insurance to pay for contraceptives or by finding ways to strong-arm organizations like the Susan G Komen for the cure to hold up breast cancer screenings because they happen at Planned Parenthood.

So you might think this idea of Christian Shariah Law is hyperbole but Rick Santorum, recent winner of three Republican Party primaries for the President of the United States very much supports this idea.  Santorum is also ironically the chosen candidate of the religious right and one of the biggest supporters of this idea.

It never ceases to amaze me how little the conservative and religious right, who spend so much time screaming about American Exceptionalism, freedom and the constitution are the ones most often supporting bigotry, lack of freedom and the loss of civil rights.




  1. says:

    The left’s utter bullshit is the beyond hypocrisy – it is pure lies.

    There is no such thing as “Christian Sharia.”

    Empty rhetoric that lacks even the basic notion of truth is what the thugs on the left excel in.

    If you want facts at least apply your title where it is true – in Afghanistan and Iraq where supposed conservatives made sharia the law of the land.

    Then you need to be consistent and note that Obama raised the bar creating multiple new constitutions ruled by sharia law in Libya, Egypt, Tunisia and elsewhere.

    Then throw in Clinton’s creation of Islamic Bosnia and Kosovo.

    Don’t forget Jimmy Carter’s partnering with the forerunner to the Taliban to defeat the Russians.

  2. WiseFather says:

    American Exceptionalism is the puffery used to excuse misadventure abroad and inaction at home. In a recent post I analyze the American Exceptionalism concept and contrast it with a healthy patriotism that could help unite the public against those few who are ruining America.

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