California’s Education System is being held hostage. Where’s our government!?!

Posted: January 20, 2012 in education, political stupidity
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California’s Education System is being held hostage.  Where’s our government!?!

So California as I’m sure you know is in horrible budget shape, over the last couple of years we’ve found ourselves billions of dollars in the red.  The state legislature for a couple of years has been kicking this problem down the road.  Last year when Jerry Brown became the Governor the state gutted the budget and they knocked it down to a measly 9 billion dollar problem.  Brown wanted to try to eliminate the problem last year by also putting a measure on the June ballot asking the good citizens of California to tax themselves to the tune of the remaining 9 billion or so over the next several years.  The Republicans refused to allow the measure to happen, holding up all of the budget processes until the Governor caved and didn’t do the tax initiative but instead cut education and services more deeply.

So now the Governor has taken a new tack, his initial budget comes up 9 billion short and already includes brutal cuts to services for seniors, children, the poor and disabled.  It also includes basically a flat budget for K-12 and Community Colleges.  However, this budget only works if the public agrees through a public ballot measure in November, to tax ourselves to the tune of 9 billion dollars.  If not, the Governor will further slaughter the disadvantaged and then cut the K-12 and Community Colleges to the bone.

Personally, I don’t object to a 1 cent sales tax to fix our budget woes.  However, I have a huge objection to having a metaphorical gun pointed at the head of our education system.  Now what the governor is banking on is that all of the folks working in the education system, to avoid the cuts, will strong-arm their friends, families and most importantly unions into backing and supporting this ballot initiative.

So if the measure doesn’t pass, somehow it is the people’s fault that our budget is screwed up, not the legislature’s issue.   Now maybe I was confused in my civics’ classes, but I thought we had a representative government in America.  You know a system where we elect representatives to REPRESENT us in government, and make the hard decisions on our behalf, taking the accolades when they are successful and receiving the brunt of the blame when it goes wrong.  If our representatives aren’t going to bother to do this, I say we don’t bother to pay them.

So Governor Brown, put the damn gun away, I and I’m betting a majority of the people in this state will not accept being threatened.  California State Legislators, DO YOUR FRACKIN JOB, or give up your damn paychecks, your perks and your damn pensions and GO HOME!  Have a little respect for the people of California and just a tiny bit of personal honor.

  1. • Wisconsin leads the nation in cuts to education, averaging 635 less per pupil even while corporations get big tax breaks.

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