Are skinny women sexy? For women a call to arms!

Posted: January 19, 2012 in Celebrities, General Stupidity, health
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Are skinny women sexy? For women a call to arms!

Below are two images, one is of Ciara, Miss November from Playboy and one is of a fashion model from a women’s magazine selling bikinis, the suit is named the Catwalk Killer.  Can you guess which is which?

Lately on social media there has been a number of posts flying around questioning whether or not thin women are sexy?  The posts are almost always from women and responded to by other women that skinny women are disgusting, that being that thin is not sexy what so ever.  People are fond of comparing Marilyn Monroe with Lindsay Lohan or using some of the plastic surgery barbies from reality TV.

Here’s my suggestion instead of using addicts, and nut jobs to compare with Marilyn, let’s use Jessica Alba, pictured with Marilyn below:

I will now commit social suicide with most of the women in America and tell you, I think all 4 of these women are attractive.  I prefer Ciara and Jessica, quite frankly I think the swimsuit model is at least as attractive as Marilyn Monroe.  The simple fact is some people find thin women attractive and I’m one of them.  Don’t get me wrong, I never thought Kate Moss when she was heroin addict thin was even remotely attractive, I’ve never seen a picture of an anorexic woman who I thought was remotely attractive and I think 99% of men would agree with me. 

However the reason I used the first two pictures, is to put the blame for this cult of thinness squarely on the head of the group it belongs on, women.  Look at the Ciara, Miss November from Playboy, she’s the blonde in the first set of pictures, she’s spectacular.  She is absolutely thinner than the Playboy models you saw in the 60’s or the 70’s but I don’t think she looks remotely unhealthy.  I used an image from Playboy, as the images created for that magazine are picked to suit the tastes of men in our society and you don’t see women in Playboy that look like the fashion model wearing the Catwalk Killer.

The audience for the fashion magazine, and all fashion magazine’s for that matter is women.  The women that show up in fashion magazines are incredibly thin, I think the model in the swimsuit is beautiful, but she could definitely use a sandwich or two.  The problem is, if she eats those sandwiches and puts on a couple of pounds she risks losing modelling gigs, which is how she pays her bills.   If you don’t know anything about the fashion industry I really recommend a fascinating documentary done by a former model, Sara Ziff entitled Picture Me.  She shows both the sparkling and dark sides of the industry and talks about the issues with body image that accompany this profession she shot the film over the first few years she spent in the industry.

My question tonight is, who subsidizes this industry, who pays money to buy those magazines, who buys the clothes sold by hanging them on stick thin models?  Women do, there are women designers, women buyers, women editors of fashion magazines selling to women consumers and readers, so who is to blame?  Women constantly condemn this cult of thinness which thinly veils that they believe somehow men are to blame because this is what we want from women, this is NOT TRUE!  There are men like me who prefer thin women but there are plenty of men who like women with a little more, and even a lot more meat on their bones. 

I will give my female friends who do these posts on social media the benefit of the doubt.  I’ll assume they are posting as a call to arms to fellow women to change the way women are idealized by other women.  To help younger women understand that they don’t have to be horribly thin to look good in clothes, to be models or to be found attractive by men.  I’ll go as far as to assume what my female friends are suggesting by these posts are that women boycott magazines and fashion lines that use ultra-thin models.  Women that’s all it would take, vote with your credit cards, buy only magazines that use size 6 or higher models, only buy clothing lines that use size 6 or higher models.  Do that, and the fashion magazines and the designers will find ways to make clothes that work with these body types and sizes. 

Ladies, you have the power, now wield it, and get what you say you want.


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