American Hypocrisy: Pissin on the Taliban

Posted: January 13, 2012 in Afghan War, evil corporations, General Stupidity, Occupy, political correctness, Terrorism
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Warning, the following piece contains offensive language, there are words, thoughts and ideas below that may offend you and even worse make you challenge what you believe, finally the piece might just piss you off.  You’ve been warned.


American Hypocrisy: Pissin on the Taliban

So as I’m sure most of you have heard by now a video has gone viral on the internet showing several US Marines pissing on Taliban soldiers they had just killed in battle.  If you haven’t somehow heard about this, here’s a link:

Now everyone is of course up in arms that US Marines would do something as horrible as piss on the enemy’s dead.  America, land of the free, home of hypocrisy.  I mean really folks, pissing on a corpse, is this so horrible?  First let’s address the thing you all want to say to me right now, what if it was your relative?  My answer, piss away Marine, piss away and you, can piss off.  If you have ever seen the dead body of a loved one you know, there is nothing in a corpse that is remotely reflective of the individual you once knew.  A corpse is, a piece of rotting meat, or in most cases these days, oddly preserved meat that won’t rot as quickly in the ground.  Really, what’s the point, either can the embalming or don’t waste the flowers.  That’s right kiddies the reason people historically brought flowers to a funeral was to help hide the smell of rotting meat.

You see the hypocrisy I’m point out here is the fact that everyone is ok with us killing people, as long as we treat them with respect once they are dead?  C’mon people, we spend all of our time brainwashing soldiers into thinking that the enemy is inhuman, that’s how you get people to kill other people, by convincing them that the enemy is less than human.  Towel heads, Sand Niggers, Islamic fanatics, people who hate our freedom, liberals, hippies, all of the terms the state and corporations use to dehumanize their perceived enemies.  It’s not a new idea friends gooks, chinks, heinies, krauts, commies and of course Charlie.  It’s a tried and true method, just ask the kikes, the niggers, the faggots and the dykes see if anyone called by those names feels like this is the land of the free and the home of the brave, that we are all created equal under one God.

So in summary my friends, and those of you swearing at me right now, we’re a bunch of hypocrites.  We’re ok with killing the Taliban, bombing civilians to death in Iraq, assassinating Iranian nuclear scientists and government approved fake drownings that we gently call “waterboarding.”  We have no problem locking “Taliban” and “terrorists” away for the rest of their lives in Guantanamo Bay (and by the way with recent legislation even Americans), without as much as a trial, a lawyer or even anyone knowing they’re gone.  To those same people who wanted to ask me, I now turn that question around, what if it was your family killed, maimed or abducted in the middle of the night with no notice.   So really people, we’re ok with all of that, but we’re outraged by a couple of US Marines pissing on creatures we have spent our tax dollars convincing them are subhuman, really?

So if no one else will tonight, I will stand up for the US Marines, you know the Marines, when you absolutely, positively have to have something destroyed overnight.  We’ve made them our trained killers, sent them in first to every hellhole on the planet and for that we owe them our thanks, our apologies for what it does to them and their loved ones,  and more than a little forgiveness if they slip out of line now and then and do something as offensive and ultimately innocuous as pissing on some rotten meat.


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