A quick note on why you have to love Donald Trump

Posted: January 6, 2012 in Celebrities, General Stupidity
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Ok, Trump is a fake tan in a can, holy shit can you believe that’s really his hair pompous ass.  But at some point the pomposity is so unbelievably over the top and yet, I really think he believes this shit.  His overwhelming belief in the fact that he’s the reason for everything is truly impressive.  Last night on CNN, and really can you believe news services actually turn to him for comment, he actually took credit for both Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney’s success in Iowa.

According to Trump:

Rick Santorum’s numbers took off the day after Trump’s friend endorsed him.  You see Trump is so unbelievably wonderful and magnificent that even the endorsement of a friend of Trump can bump your poll numbers 20 points.

But not to be limited to being solely responsible for the second place finisher, Trump let us know that when he and Mitt Romney talked, Mitt said he wasn’t going to do much in Iowa, but Trump to the rescue.  Trump said, hey Mitt, go for it, and he did, and he won.  Wow Donald you’re a really amazing guy, I think we should call him the all powerful Mr. Wizard.




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