Christine O’Donnell the epitome of the American Dream

Posted: January 5, 2012 in political stupidity
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Christine O’Donnell the epitome of the American Dream

In case you don’t remember who Christine O’Donnell is, she’s the political wunderkind, Tea Party poster child who pulled an upset in the 2010 GOP primary to run for senate in Delaware.  Of course she was mercilessly crushed in the general election losing by over 30% in the voting.  Now this was not that shocking, she’d lost a house due to none payment, had been fired from a job then unsuccessfully sued them for $9 million for gender discrimination and emotional distress.  Politically she started out as a pro-choice liberal, had an epiphany at 21 and became and born again, pro-life Republican.

However after all of that she is probably most famous for her commercial where she denied being a witch, check it out.

Doesn’t sound so bad, but check out The Young Turks re-edit of the video, much more fun to watch:

So after this incredible debacle she was obviously laughed off the political stage and forgotten about right?  Not in America, who do I see on CNN tonight as a political commentator on GOP issues, that’s right, Christine O’Donnell, who says the American Dream is dead!


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