The Most Disgusting Commercial on Television

Posted: December 30, 2011 in environment, evil corporations, oil spill
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So I’m watching CNN and a commercial comes on and it starts with a catchy Cajun beat, check it out:

Now if you didn’t watch the full minute, you might be wondering what are you upset about?  Go back and go to the last-minute, the last image lists the sponsor of the video BP.  Really!  I get the justification of asking or making BP spend money to help tourism in the Gulf of Mexico regions, you know, the Gulf of Mexico where they dumped millions of gallons of oil and totally disrupted the economy.  But should BP get the benefit of the advertising themselves attached to all of these wonderful vacation images?  My purpose in posting this is that hopefully it catches on, a few of you pass it on and people actually attach some negative emotion to BP every single time you see the ad.

Quite frankly I’d rather see this ad on the air, enjoy:


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