Political Hypocrisy Post 1: Conservatives on Immigration

Posted: December 13, 2011 in political stupidity
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Political Hypocrisy Post 1: Conservatives on Immigration

Quite frankly I’m sick and tired of all of the bullshit politics in the United States.  Maybe the high water mark has been the cast of clowns that is running for the office of President of the United States for the GOP.  Maybe it was the fact that Herman Cain’s poll numbers went up when he was accused of having been a serial sexual harasser but down when it was found out he was having an affair, or maybe I’ve been reading too much of Kunstler’s blog.   The number of mindless stupidities around politics is baffling these days so I decided here in my little forum in the ether to let out a little bit of energy on the matter.  So I’ve decided to do a series of posts pointing out some of the little and not so little hypocrisies in the American political landscape.

Today, let’s talk about immigration, we’ve heard the scream a thousand times how illegal immigration is so horrible because it steals jobs from Americans.  Now a group calling themselves, Californians for Population Stabilization (CAPS) has decided that illegal immigration isn’t the only problem, legal immigration and foreign workers are horrible as well.  They’ve done a very snarky TV commercial to make their point.

The problems that Conservatives face with both of these positions are little things known as facts, although facts have never stopped politicians or pundits on either side of the aisle.  In fact these foreign workers, particularly in the tech field are here filling gaps that American workers can’t or won’t fill, much like illegal immigrants.  A NY Times piece discusses how these foreign workers helped power our US tech boom.  So ok, maybe these legal workers are here legitimately but I can’t possibly be suggesting illegal immigrants are beneficial, or can I?  A piece in the Christian Science Monitor, you know, that bastion of liberalism in America, discusses how scarce farm labor is due to the lack of illegal labor.  The fact is simply that in complete contrast to the Conservative hype, Americans to not want to work long days in the hot sun picking fruits and vegetables for shit money.

What Conservatives want us to believe is that foreigners are all bad, that all Americans are good, it’s the old American Exceptionalism argument.  The fact that any American can be so negative on immigration, in a country when so many of us are first, second, and third generation descendents of immigrants is beyond reprehensible.  This is about people trying to isolate and protect their own fat asses, nothing else.  An isolated America would not be the paradise these cognitively challenged individuals think it would be, the Chinese tried this once, and it left them a century behind the rest of the world.


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