Poor Christian, Tim Tebow shouldn’t be criticized

Posted: December 3, 2011 in General Stupidity, Terrorism
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Larry Taunton, the director of Fixed Point Foundation wrote an article today that has been picked up by a number of papers about how it’s unfair that people are picking on Tim Tebow.  It’s not about football in his mind, according to him, Tom Brady should be jealous of Tim Tebow’s football pedigree.  I think it’s a safe bet that Tim Tebow would happily trade his Heisman trophy for Tom Brady’s Superbowl rings, or at this point maybe even his completion percentage.  That Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos are making the best of a bad situation can’t be denied.  That they’ve won some games recently, can’t be denied.  But the idea that Tim Tebow is a quality level NFL quarterback is still fully a debatable question but one the majority of folks believe will turn out with Tebow being a backup quarterback or running back at best.

However that is not Taunton’s point in his piece, his point is that the reason Tim Tebow takes criticism is because he’s open about being a Christian.  Taunton is playing an old song, one I heard often from Southern Baptists when I lived down south, that Christians are horribly discriminated against all over the world.  That in America, Christians, unlike any other group are under attack for their religious beliefs.  What a bunch of shit! 

We constantly hear about how this is a  “Christian society.”  In the 20th century Christian’s got statements like In God We Trust put on our money, and One nation under God put into the Pledge of Allegiance.  We are constantly told by the Right, that this is a Christian nation the way our founding fathers wanted it.  Yet the points above show the founding fathers didn’t do that, they were the ones who wanted church and state separated.  It is not the Christian equivalent of Sharia Law that people fear monger about, millions of Christians were not slaughtered by the Nazis, it is however Christian extremists who murder people with terrorist bombings, assassinate physicians with rifles and protest the deaths of America Soldiers at their funerals.

I believe that if Mr. Launton were to be honest the fact is he doesn’t really care about Tim Tebow or that football pundits are giving him a hard time in the media.  Mr. Launton is out to spread the message of the Fixed Point Foundation, which is that Christianity is under attack.  The organization on its own website says that the organization is out to erase the fallacies like that the Bible contradicts science, and to repair the fact that we have gradually lost sight of our Christian Heritage, a heritage that I point out earlier in this piece was rising over the last 100 years, not diminishing and yes Mr. Taunton, the Bible does contradict science, there is a passage about rain falling through a window in the sky and my favorite, that 2 members of every animal species that are alive today on earth fit on Noah’s Ark, a 450 foot long by 75 foot wide boat.  Seriously Mr. Taunton are you telling me that idea is scientifically sound?  Please!

What I really can’t stand about people like Mr. Taunton is their intolerance, their insistence that America is a Christian Nation that leaves no room for Jews, Muslims, Gays, Atheists, Agnostics, Heterosexuals, Buddhists, Taoist, or Pagans.  America’s best characteristic has always been that it is a nation tolerant of a multiplicity of beliefs, not the one-size fits all world that people like Mr. Taunton wants us to have.  Hell Mr. Taunton and his ilk don’t even truly mean Christian Heritage, you see they don’t consider Catholics, Jehovah Witnesses, 7th Day Adventists or Mormons, all followers of Jesus Christ to be Christians, only the people in their own personal sect of Christianity can be true Christians.  This is the same kind of isolationist egotistical thinking radical Muslims like Osama Bin Laden use to justify murder and it’s not just bad or wrong it’s dangerous.

Mr. Taunton, you and Tim Tebow can believe any damn thing you want that’s America, but deal with two simple facts.  First, we are all tired of Tim Tebow talking about Christianity all the damn time, if a Muslim football player said Allah is Great every time he was interviewed he’d be ostracized from society by people like you.  Secondly, one of the reasons people watch sports is to escape all of the general stupidity of politics and religion that we have to deal with everyday.  So go find a new corner to proselytize on and leave the NFL the hell alone.


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