American Exceptionalism, so special we have a second face.

Posted: December 2, 2011 in General Stupidity, political correctness
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American Exceptionalism, so special we have a second face.

When Barack Obama ran for president and it looked like he would win I told people that I wouldn’t be shocked if the margin of victory was not nearly as big as expected, nor would I be surprised if someone tried to assassinate him before he left office. The thing that connects these two assumptions is the idea that there is a level of “secret” racism in this country that most people deny exists, or are unwilling to accept. It is politically incorrect to publicly express any type of racial statement or anything that smells like racism except behind closed doors.  People who are racist, as much as we would like to assume, are not necessarily stupid and so they only express these ideals amongst like-minded individuals and family.

I lived in the South (Kentucky and Tennessee) for 10 years and I never met anyone who admitted to being a KKK member, and yet they marched in the town I was living in right down Main Street. Southerners are taught to be polite in all situations and this applies to racist southerners as well. Y’all come back now, can be followed by some very unfriendly words once the door closes at the shop or store. Now, understand and let me be very, very clear, not all southerners are racist. I know lots of good fair-minded southerners who are as offended by the idea of racism as you or I.   Also, let’s not assume there isn’t plenty of racism in cosmopolitan places like New York, or states with huge non-white populations like California, it’s a nationwide issue.

However, the reason I’m focusing on the south today is because of a story in the news today. Down in Kentucky a girl came home with a new fiancé she introduced to everyone in the small church that she attends. They all shook his hand, welcomed him and congratulated the young couple. The happy couple even sang that day in the choir. It was after that appearance that the pastor told the young lady, who had attended that church her whole life, that she and her fiancé were not welcomed to sing in the choir anymore. You see her fiancé is black and the pastor told her that he didn’t want his young daughter getting the idea that it was ok to grow up and marry a black man.

Now this was offensive enough, but it went much farther as eventually this small parish took a vote that passed 9 to 6 to ban interracial couples from attending the church. The same church where everyone welcomed them, the same church the woman had attended her whole life. When I read stories like this I want to vomit, and I want the commentators on the right to explain to me how this fits into the idea of how America is so damn exceptional.

Here’s the link:

  1. K says:

    This sad, no disgusting, story fits well with this maddening example of hypocrisy as well:
    But I am encouraged by the teenager in this clip who refuses to buy Bachmann’s political wordsmithing and politely and eloquently stands her ground.

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