Congress just plain sucks – super committee goes down in flames

Posted: November 22, 2011 in political stupidity
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Congress, in case your record low approval rating doesn’t resonate with you, let me be clear, you SUCK! 

We are living in historic times, some of the worst economic times in almost a century, we’re at a crossroads environmentally, peak oil and other energy issues, people are in the street protesting the economic inequity in our society and what pressing action has congress taken to handle these tough issues, oh that’s right they passed a bill reversing healthy school lunches and declaring pizza a vegetable, don’t worry those obese kids are just future insulin customers for big pharma.  A friend of mine just back from France saw a sign on a theater that said American Style seating, curious she asked her hosts, oh they said, “the seats are wider.”  That’s right we have become the fat ass joke of the world, thanks Congress for helping our children.

But it’s ok right, because even if the super committee failed there is a sequestration a process by which a series of automatic cuts would kick in to make up for what an overly partisan committee couldn’t do.  Oh, the cuts don’t kick in until 2013, conveniently after the election in 2012, Doh!

This breaking news, congress already starts discussing how to get rid of sequestration process.

To quote Jon Stewart, “Congress, this is why people hate you.”


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