Republican Presidential Nomination Battle: Target Gingrich

Posted: November 16, 2011 in political stupidity
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So in the game of revolving nut job of the month in the GOP Presidential Nomination race it looks like it’s Newt’s turn.  First it was Michelle “pray the gay away, HPV vaccine gives you retardation” Bachmann.  Then we moved on to the big guns of Rick “what’s wrong with a huntin camp called Niggerhead, just three things 1,2, uh….” Perry.  No fear though we’ve got former pizza chairman, Herman “let’s electrocute some mexis, what’s wrong with a little head” Cain up next, oh wait, not any more.

So now we’re on to the Newtster, the big gun, the man who led the 1994 Republican Revolution, you know, and then went to work as “not a lobbyist” for Freddie Mac.  That’s ok, don’t worry about that one little glitch, hell Republicans love that get elected then go to work for big business and then come back to government.  That’s the Darth Cheney kickin it with Haliburton blueprint.  So finally, we have someone who’s a real Republican to support, not that stick in the mud, Obamacare originating Romney.   What could a bastion of the American political system and a good family values conservative like Gingrich, who took down that immoral bastard Bill Clinton, have that could cause him any problems what so ever?

Oh wait….

Family and moral values are the key thing all conservatives bring up when they talk about Bill Clinton, they can’t argue with his policies, the economy under his watch or the fact that he left office with a budget surplus, so they attack his moral character and say he didn’t deserve to be president because of it.   That was the hallmark of what Gingrich protected America from.

Oh wait…

Gingrich who married his high school math teacher, served her divorce papers while she was recovering from cancer surgery.

But it’s ok, because he had already proposed marriage to his second wife.  It really is ok she was the love of his life and we all get the soul mate thing and they lived a happy moral life for ever after.

Oh wait…

While married to her Gingrich carried on a 6 year affair with a congressional aid, is there an HR department for Congress, and proposed to her, wife number 3 prior to even filing for divorce from wife number 2.

But have faith, we all know that any good conservative would throw out their core values to beat Obama, Machiavelli was a conservative right?



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