Government using police to crack down on the Occupy movement

Posted: November 14, 2011 in Occupy
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Over the weekend governments in several cities decided to crack down on the Occupy movement.  I’ve been hearing and reading lots of comments in the news about how it’s time this thing ended.  They made their point now it’s time for them to go home.  At Harvard the campus allows Harvard students to occupy a place on campus, but keeps gates closed to keep non-Harvard occupiers out, apparently we have elitists even within the 99%. 

In Berkeley, police decided to end the protest and proceed to stab protestors in the guts with batons the video at the following link is pretty brutal:

The government is scared and so now it will oppress and deny people their first amendment rights to protest.  The protest was acceptable and cute when it was in one park in New York.  Now that it has gone global and there are Occupy protests in many major US cities the government has called out the goon squads.  This does nothing but ramp up the violence, and although many people in the movement quote John Lennon on the mistake of using violence, at some point when the man is cracking your skull open, you’re going to swing back.

People are being injured, are being killed, an Iraq war veteran was shot in the head with a tear gas canister and then people who went to his aid were blasted with a flash grenade.  This is starting to seem like war.

As I watch all of this going down I wonder if this was what it was like watching the civil rights movement happen.  There are a lot of similarities, the mainstream media painting protestors as radicals, trouble makers, fringe elements without popular support.  Denying that the movement is active, or sizable or focused.  Every time they ramp up the oppression they make more people like me want to go out and join them.

Below is a link to an article about several of the crackdowns



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