Remember remember the fifth of November

Posted: November 1, 2011 in political correctness
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Remember remember the fifth of November, gunpowder, treason and plot
 I see no reason, why the fifth of November, should ever be forgot ~ English Nursery Rhyme

Most people in America know this nursery rhyme from the movie V for Vendetta.  However the rhyme celebrates a very real historical event in England and the subsequent celebration since 1605 of Guy Fawkes Day

For those who have not seen the movie, the gist of it, in the future a repressive and evil government has its thumb on the people.  A figure emerges wearing a Guy Fawkes mask to stick his finger in the eye of the government through a very public explosion.  The film has a familiar plot, evil government, emergent hero who takes on the government, but this plot is familiar because it resonates with people.

It is certainly resonating with the folks in the Occupy Movement.  Over the last several Saturdays as I’ve visited the parks I have seen many protestors wearing Guy Fawkes masks and as you’ll see below, several signs related to the film.


This all leads to a very interesting thought, November 5th is coming, next Saturday as a matter of fact and I have a feeling that this Saturday could be a very interesting day.  My suggestion to you is to go out and buy a Guy Fawkes mask this week, they’ll be cheap since Halloween is over.  Put on the mask and take a walk in your neighborhood or downtown in your city.  Don’t do anything disruptive or legal, no need to carry a sign, just take a walk in your mask.  Let the corporations and the government know that you’re out there, that there is more to the angst and anger than the people in the parks.

Remember remember, the fifth of November and lets write a new end to the rhyme.


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