Phillip Rivers worship makes me sick

Posted: November 1, 2011 in General Stupidity
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I can’t stand watching any game that the San Diego Chargers play in, the announcers gush over Phillip Rivers the whole game as if he is the greatest quarterback of all time.  He is frequently mentioned in the same breath as Manning, Rogers, and Brady, really?  What has that arrogant bastard ever actually done?

Sure, Rivers is a good quarterback, he has thrown for a lot of yardage.  However, has he ever won a Superbowl?  He might have a great arm, but he’s not a great leader, and he makes too damn many mistakes, see the Jets game last week or his fumble at the end of regulation against the Kansas City Chiefs .

I have come to hate Phillip Rivers, partially because he’s an arrogant hot head, but mostly because I think most of the NFL announcers have secret crushes on him and they just can’t hide it.


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