Occupy Wall Street comes to Sacramento

Posted: October 31, 2011 in evil corporations, political stupidity
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Occupy Wall Street comes to Sacramento

Several weeks ago the Occupy Wall Street movement came to Sacramento and unlike Wall Street, the folks Occupying Cesar Chavez park have to leave the park each night.  The technical rule is that they have to leave by 11PM, but usually the police wait until midnight each night before coming in and clearing the park.  During the first couple of weeks of the encampment, the protestors each night would inform the police of who would stay and be arrested, then the police in overwhelming force and with riot gear on would flood into the park and arrest the non-resisting demonstrators.  The show of force seems a bit overly dramatic as there have been no reports of resistance or trouble.  It also seems that the police know this as during the day, there are only a couple of officers present at any given time in the park as the protest has been very orderly.

Last week for the second time Occupy protestors went to City Hall, across the street from the park to ask for permission to occupy the park over night.  The protestors during the second week were indeed on the agenda and were denied the right to camp overnight in the park.

I’ve visited the park during three of the last four weeks on Saturday and the first two weeks the park was active and bustling, lots of signs and protestors and the second week lots of media.  This past Saturday the energy seems to have waned a bit and there were a lot fewer folks in the park.  Perhaps it was because it was Halloween Weekend or perhaps what happened in Oakland has people spooked, we’ll have to see next weekend when I visit again.

This past Saturday I have to say it was really nice to see volunteers in the park feeding anyone who needed a meal, that included protestors as well as a number of the downtown homeless population who reside in and around the park.  No matter what the political aspirations of the protestors are, their presence is doing some good for the homeless if no one else. 

 Below are a series of images I’ve taken in the park over the last couple of weeks:











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