Madoff Coverage is making me sick!

Posted: October 27, 2011 in General Stupidity
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First off, who the hell invests with a guy named MADE OFF, as in he “made off” with your money.  Basic general stupidity and insanity aside, Bernie Madoff was a scumbag who through the use of an investment Ponzi scheme, ripped off people to the tune of $18 billion, but don’t worry it wasn’t all bad news, JP Morgan Chase & Co. probably made a $1 billion dollars in fees, how comforting.

However, all that said that isn’t why I’m a bit pissed off tonight.  The big news story today is how Bernie Madoff and his wife Ruth attempted suicide before he was convicted and put in prison.  Apparently, they took pills and still woke up the next morning.  There is of course no actual evidence that this happened.  However, the gist of the story all day seems to be painting a sympathetic picture of poor misses Madoff who has been left to fend for herself with only $2.5 million dollars on the books.  There is also a lot of theorizing that there are other funds she knows about.  Although it’s possible she was to some degree a victim, I think it’s absolutely pathetic to be out in the media looking for sympathy when people’s lives were destroyed by what her family did to them.  So boo hoo little miss millionaire, don’t look for any sympathy here.

I saw this story on CNN and there new news program Out Front, with Erin Burnett.  Can someone point out to me what the point of this show is?  I mean it’s the same show that Anderson Cooper, John King and Wolf Blitzer are all doing.  So is this CNN’s attempt at gender equity?  At least Fox News when they are going for the obvious hot chick reading the news bit go with attractive women, sure they’re all mostly the devil with blonde wigs, but not hard on the eyes.  Unfortunately Burnett reminds me of the Robin character on How I met your Mother, albeit a thinner, meaner looking version.


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