Screw global climate change, conservative Republicans sign this!

Posted: October 24, 2011 in education, environment, General Stupidity, political stupidity
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Screw global climate change, conservative Republicans sign this!

As a scientist it drives me crazy that science seems to have taken a back seat to misrepresentation in the media. Essentially today if someone has media access and can say enough times this is false, then people will believe it, after all, it’s on television. This is particularly true of both evolution and climate change. Both concepts are overwhelmingly accepted by science yet if you were to listen to conservative talk radio, Fox News or even the main stream media you’d think both of these concepts were radical new ideas that only a small percentage of scientists supported. Ironically in Europe, you know all of those countries we seem to feel so superior too, these concepts are broadly accepted. This is another nod to the fact that America is one of the more religious and uptight countries on earth.

No place is the idea of repetitive bullshit being treated as fact more apparent than on the presidential campaign trail. If you say your opponent is soft on crime, fiscally irresponsible, unsupportive of the military, in a cult, etc… and you say it enough times, it becomes the truth. On the subject of global climate change the current crop of Republican presidential candidates keep hammering on how climate change is bullshit, how they believe the concept is only fear mongering on the part of liberals who want to ruin the economy.

I would ask those people to go and talk to the people on the Carteret Islands of Papua New Guinea who are having to leave their island home due to global sea rise as a result of global climate, there is a really fascinating documentary about this called, Sun Come Up check it out. But hey, they’re not Americans so who cares, no one in Boca Raton has had to move, and so everything must be fine.

While thinking about this the other day I’ve come up with an idea. The Republicans are very fond of signing pledges that they won’t raise taxes, inconvenience rich people or allow homosexuals to be treated like humans, so I have another one for them. If they think global climate change is such crap then sign the following pledge:

I {insert the change of your favorite conservative climate change denier} do pledge that I am so unbelievable sure that global climate change is a crock, that if it turns out to not be, I hereby pledge that my descendants will accept financial liability for any and all global climate change related financial impacts, including housing any and all climate change refugees with said descendants.

So screw global climate change, Republicans sign this!




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