Fun Friday: Is Herman Cain the Anti-Christ?

Posted: October 14, 2011 in Friday Fun, General Stupidity
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So I was thinking today about the fact that Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 plan flipped over would be the 6-6-6 plan, plus his first name….6 letters, plus Cain was a killer in the bible, his ancestors bear the mark of Cain which Mormons in the 19th century equated to having black skin.  All of this raised a bit of a chuckle for me and I figured would be worth a laugh on a Friday.  

Then I remembered a little game I used to play when I lived in the Bible belt.  I really didn’t like it when I would get testified to, or attempted to be recruited or saved, so I got even.  I have a sebaceous cyst on my skull, looks a little bit like a horn growing on my head.  I would find a way to show it off at some point whenever the aggressively righteous were around.  Then whenever they would get close to me I would get a pained look on my face and scratch my head.  I would do this again and again until finally they asked what was the matter.  I would reply, “I don’t know, I have this birthmark on my head, whenever I get around Christians it starts to itch, it looks like three 9’s,” usually it would take a few seconds and the person would chuckle, get a little annoyed and walk away.  One night however, a woman at a party after I did this looked at me in a panic, dropped  her plate and left quickly.  A friend of mine who witnessed this warned me to be careful; they might be waiting at your house with torches and holy water when you get home.

I have a feeling some of those same people might be behind the sites below, because of course, when I Googled “Herman Cain” Antichrist, the cuckoo for cocoa puffs society was already in full swing, happy Friday.

Here is a page of discussion, the comments start playful but get a bit disturbing as you go


Thirteen reasons for Herman to be the Anti-Christ, wow 13, really, but it’s ok, they are referenced LOL




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