Mormon Cultists versus Christians for the Presidency of the United States

Posted: October 9, 2011 in Uncategorized
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At the value voters summit this weekend, once again so-called “value” voters have once again demonstrated that intolerance is one of their core values.  Pastor Robert Jefress in his introduction of Rick Perry worked in a solid dig at Romney and his cult follower status as a Mormon.  In case you’d like to think it was misinterpreted you can read the article below where he reaffirms and defends his comment although he tried to put an intellectual spin on it:

This sets up an interesting question for the upcoming election if it’s Romney vs Obama, particularly south of the Manson-Nixon line, yes that’s sarcasm so save the Mason-Dixon correction statements.  In all deference to Herman Cain who doesn’t believe there is any significant racism left in this country I have to wonder.  Who will southern evangelicals be more likely to vote for, a member of the Mormon cult or a black Christian?



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