Why New Jersey Governor Christie shouldn’t run for President

Posted: October 3, 2011 in political stupidity
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Unless you’ve been living under a rock you know that the GOP big wigs and money people have been begging New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to run for president.  I guess the main reason they want him is because the current cast of clowns is highly unelectable, but very entertaining.  Given that the current field includes Michele “holy cow is she serious”, “oh it’s ok we’ll pray the gay away” Bachman, Mitt “yeah the boring Mormon guy” Romney, and Governor Rick “you think Bush was nuts you ain’t seen nuthin” Perry and Herman “The Godfather” Cain former CEO of Godfather pizza, I kind of get why the money people might be looking for someone else to run in 2012.

Given Obama has the worst economy in decades and the poll numbers to prove it, how sad is it that your party is still looking if you’re running for president.  I think somewhere there must be a pool taking bets on which candidate commits suicide first, my money, were I to bet would be on Newt “sorry we forgot you’re running” Gingrich.

This all leads to cries for the candidacy of Chris Christie, a really likeable, not so nutty, plain speaking Republican a man whose word you can count on, a man who stands for something and stands behind his positions.  His position on running for president of course is best summed up at the following link:


The clip above shows Christie saying no, again and again, including his question of “do I have to commit suicide in order for people to believe me?” 

At this moment, I have a lot of respect for Chris Christie I can respect a man who makes a decision and stands behind it.  Of course the news all day is that he’s now considering running.  If he runs, he must lose, how can a man who stands so strongly behind the word no, turn around and run, and have the respect of anyone enough to win.  But hell, I gave up on thinking logic and honor meant anything in politics a long time ago.


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