Tired of the conflict between Israel and Palestine

Posted: September 24, 2011 in political stupidity, Terrorism
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This week there has been a lot of attention around the Palestinians asking for recognition of a Palestinian state at the United Nations.  This idea is supported by the entire world even in theory the United States and Israel.  However, the US veto that will be wielded against Palestine in favor of the Israeli position is sure to cause a lot animosity toward the United States, but given the United State’s historical position in support of Israel, the US politically has no choice but to wield the veto.

I’m tired of the Israeli and Palestinian positions.  Both sides act as if they are completely in the right and are doing nothing to prevent peace from happening in the Middle East.  This, is not correct.  The Israelis act brutally at times with the Palestinians and the Palestinians and other Arabs terrorize and attack the Jews.

We all know what the eventual solution is to this conflict, an Israel that is returned to the borders that existed prior to the 6 Days War.  Palestinians must give up the Right of Return and then a state has to be established for the Palestinians.  In the end, two states living side by side, both recognizing the right of the other to exist, with Jews leaving the occupied territories and Palestinians giving up their right to move back to Israel and overwhelm the Jewish population.

Everyone knows this is the eventual solution, you can usually tell a good decision by the fact that no one feels like they win.  It’s called compromise and no one is ever completely thrilled with the outcome.  The fact is that we are a long way from getting to this solution, there are too many Jews who support the ever-expanding Jewish settlements and too many Arabs who refuse to believe that Israel should have a right to exist.  Throw in a long history of conquering and being conquered, of Zionism and the Holocaust and I unfortunately have to believe that what we see now in Israel and Palestine is what we are doomed to see for a long time. 

And although this will be deemed by some to be “unpatriotic,” as long as this situation exists, the US will support Israel and Arabs will hate us for it.  That hate will lead to extremism and extremists will plan, attempt, and at times succeed in doing us harm and causing the loss of American lives.  In this way Ron Paul is right that our actions have some effect upon the terror visited upon us.  It’s not our fault, a madman still pulls the trigger, but some of this can lead us to understand why that madman pointed his gun at us in the first place.  It’s the old question in the end, why can’t we all just get along?


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