The sky is falling, no really a satellite is coming down

Posted: September 24, 2011 in Uncategorized
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So in general a satellite falling out of orbit is not a really big deal, the items burn up in the atmosphere or, given the earth’s surface area is almost 70% water, whatever pieces don’t burn up harmlessly scare the hell out of some fish.  It has seemed odd to me over the last couple of weeks that NASA has put out a lot of press concerning this latest satellite decommissioning.  At first I thought well there is one big piece that may not burn up, but more and more I became suspicious that they did the math and the United States looked like a likely crash down point for the satellite.  Well, this morning they announced it, looks like there is a decent chance Mr. satellite is coming to the good ole USA.  It is scheduled to touch down, a sweet term for a large piece of metal hurtling into the ground at a few hundred miles an hour, late Friday night or early Saturday morning. 

Most likely this leads to nothing but there is a small chance of it hitting a populated area or of giving some of us a really great light show, so if it’s clear where you are might be a nice night to sit out under a blanket and sky watch, stay tuned.

US possibly in satellite strike zone


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