Why do we make children recite the Pledge of Allegiance?

Posted: September 20, 2011 in education, political correctness, political stupidity
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There have been a number of court battles and controversy around the Pledge of Allegiance:



The issue that is typically under discussion revolves around the use of the phrase “under god.”  A number of atheists have challenged this unsuccessfully using the argument that the phrase violates the separation of church and state.  A phrase, consequently that was added in 1948, the pledge was originated in 1892.

 However my question is why do we make children recite the Pledge of Allegiance?  I always thought it was ridiculous when I was a kid and I asked my teacher once if I had to do it, she said yes.  So, not wanting to get in trouble I continued to do it throughout elementary school, every morning like clockwork with the morning announcements.  At some point in my school career that little tradition disappeared but quite frankly I can’t remember when.  Today, it’s made fairly clear to students that it is an option and that makes me happy and I think really there is nothing wrong with optional participation.

My thought has always been this, if I told you that there was a country, that every morning made all of the children in the nation swear a compulsory oath of loyalty to the government, most of us would go off the wall assuming of course that we’re talking about North Korea or Iran.  Like a lot of the things we do in our educational system, the pledge is outdated.  In my opinion it was all part of the idea that the educational system should provide a passive, orderly and loyal workforce for the factories.  The world has changed.

Today my hope is that we understand that being a patriot is more about what a person does in their life by choice, not by indoctrination.  A person, particularly a child, is not disloyal or unpatriotic if they critically analyze their nation and its actions and you don’t need to publicly recite a loyalty pledge to love your country or be a patriot.

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