Anti-Bullying rules show the hypocrisy of adults, what about equality?

Posted: September 18, 2011 in General Stupidity, political correctness, political stupidity
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Ok, before the darts start to fly and people comment without reading this post let me say in the very first line, bullying is bad, mkay.  No one should be subject to physical or mental abuse simply because of who they are.  I was a thin, short boy, with one of the first divorce families in a pretty tough neighborhood.  I took my fair share of abuse and without a doubt as kids will do, shit rolled downhill and there were people I wasn’t very nice to either.

Back when I was growing up, the mid-70’s, being gay, particularly for a young man was not acceptable.  Doubly if you were effeminate, and there were a couple of guys that suffered for that in my neighborhood as children.  It was wrong, we were all guilty of participating and it certainly has had long-term effects on these men.  One, seems to have adjusted well, is openly out and pretty successful.  The other, not so much, although I haven’t heard much in the last ten years, his life certainly wasn’t following the trajectory he had hoped for as a child.  Let this piece serve as a venue for a very public apology, especially to you Robert for the way I treated you as a child.

The world today is a more sensitive place.  Children are being made aware of bullying as are parents and educators.  Cyberbullying has gotten an incredible amount of attention after several teens committed suicide over the last couple of years after being bullied.  This is all good, unfortunately it doesn’t address the real source of bullying, the values put into the children (or lack thereof) by their parents.  Like racism or any other form prejudice, if what a child is hearing at home are things like, I can’t believe you let a fag beat you.   Well then, what do you expect that child is going to do at school when he/she encounters an effeminate or openly gay male student?  At the end of the day, until we change the values parents teach to their children, change will be slow in coming.

On the news the other day I was listening to a news story about all of the rules that are being put in place against bullying, cyberbulling and the use of language.  A lot of this has been especially focused on how LGBT students are treated.  However there is a signficant hypocrisy that exists at the core of all of this.  We tell our children that they are not to make fun of gay students for being gay, that in fact, gay students are no different from heterosexual students.  Then as a society in general we deny them the right to be married just like heterosexual members of society.  So what is it people, is a gay person the same as a heterosexual person, or should it be ok to bully them and treat them differently?  Because right now the answer in America is treat them like any other person until they are an adult, then you can discriminate against them with impunity.

  1. Bob says:

    I grew up with him and he’s right it was hell. I was one of the tortured who got out. I found the strength. But for so long my home town represented hate to me. A hate that has taken a life. Thankfully not mine. So my life is here to stop this hate. And true, it starts at home. So my other home is “back home” with a man I can now marry. I marvel EVERY day that my life is whole. For those who were not so fortunate, I am here to burn bright for u!

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