Both Ron Paul and Rick Perry making sense!?

Posted: September 17, 2011 in political stupidity
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Ok, let’s start out with claifying my position on both Ron Paul and Rick Perry.  Ron Paul is a guy, who applies logic and libertarian philosophy to issues and expects a higher level of thinking from people.  That makes him an interesting guy to listen to and an unelectable candidate for President of the United States, particularly as a Republican and there ever more conservative platform.  Rick Perry appears to me to be a better looking, dumber and more dangerous version of George W. Bush. 

In the last week both of these guys have taken heat for saying something that seems utterly controversial but at the end of the day is really much ado about nothing.  First, Ron Paul actually suggested the radical idea that actions may have consequences.  He didn’t say as has been reported that America brought 9/11 on itself, what he said was that our actions (foreign policy) has consequences and one of the consequences of our foreign policy is that it has made people hate us.  Some of those people turned out to be evil, devious bastards who took over airplanes and caused the tragedy on 9/11.  For saying that he was roundly booed at a debate and is being villified by just about everyone.  Only one problem with all of that, he’s absolutely correct.  The mistake he made is that the only thing anyone wants to hear from a presidential candidate is the American Exceptionalism arguments.  America is the greatest country on earth and people hate us because they are jealous, we never do anything wrong.    They hate us because of our freedom, hell if freedom is what they hate they’d be bombing the shit out of Finland.

Now Rick Perry, never to be one uped in the press once again called Social Security a Ponzi Scheme.  Given the recent Bernie Madoff case people actually know what a Ponzi Scheme is these days and so they went crazy.  How dare he suggest that people my age and younger, may be pay into Social Security fund our entire working adult lives and never see a check.  Wait, no only how dare he, but he’s probably right!  I’ve thought about this most of my adult life, so what are people actually pissed about?  Hell, there’s plenty to dislike about Rick Perry, but telling the truth about Social Security shouldn’t be one of them.


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