Should we riot in the US ? Congress is not interested in helping America.

Posted: August 10, 2011 in economy, political stupidity
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For the last few days there has been rioting in Britain, as usual with any kind of middle class or lower class riots that occur, the media and the government miss the point.  The initial riot kicked off because of a questionable police shooting.  But the riots that have continued throughout England are not about that, they are about people who already have it tough seeing their economic future going down the drain.  Of course there is always a portion of the crowd that are pure thugs and hoodlums, but these riots reveal deeper social issues that struggling people don’t know how to address and the same people have come to feel their government doesn’t care about them.

Today on CNN I saw a viewer comment that suggested we should riot in the US.  I disagree with the idea of looting and burning business and fighting the cops in the street, that should always be an absolute last result at the point at which there are no other options.  I liked another comment I saw which suggested like in Egypt, we should have a 100,000 people show up at every state capitol and on the national mall all on the same day to basically scare the government straight.

Our government still doesn’t get it however and even in creating the “bipartisan” debt commission that came out of the debt ceiling deal, they are setting it up for failure.  John Avlon  wrote a piece today that highlights the fact that the people the two parties have appointed to the commission are highly partisan members of congress who are unlikely to make a deal.  In fact, the two parties have actually gone out of their way to not include the “gang of 6” senators who actually tried to reach a bipartisan agreement.  Showing that both parties are actively against the idea of compromise to the benefit, and on behalf of, the American people.  Maybe we should take to the streets after all until our elected leaders finally get it.


John Avlon piece





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