Fun Friday: Burning Man and other great photo sites

Posted: August 5, 2011 in Burning man, photography
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So as I gear up to head to Burning Man again this year and am doing all the preparations including getting my camera gear ready and together, I thought I’d share some of my favorite Burning Man galleries and a few other sites to help you waste hours and hours looking at pretty pictures.

Burning Man Photo Sites

Scott London this is one of my very favorite sites, his images are amazing 

Patrick Roddie Patrick has become the portrait guy at the burn, including one of me in 2005, yes it’s on his site 

Thomas Loewy  another good Burning Man site

My two posts on photography at Burning Man   part 1     part 2  

Burning Man organization gallery these are uploaded by participants  

National Geographic have to include this one but the ads in the beginning are a bit annoying


Collection of weird and funny photo galleries:


Pro sites, you’ll need some bandwidth and some time to look at these

Bottle Bell,  it’s wonderfully done, graphic design, photos and music melded together 

Steve McCurry

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